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To create and provide safe spaces and facilitate socio-economic well-being for vulnerable women and girls in Lamu County, through leveraging available resources, and forging true partnerships and collaborations to yield impactful actions that enable them achieve resilience and thrive


• Commitment • Respect • Service Oriented • Transparency • Positivity • Sincerity • Creative risk-taking


a) Raise awareness on resource rights to communities to enable control over their natural resources and foster their sustainable use b) To support Girl child education, increase access, encourage enrollment and full transitionto basic primary / secondary school c) Make quality maternal and reproductive health services accessible d) Preserve the cultural and social identity e.g., women, minority community, youth and people with disabilities of the marginalized indigenous communities in Lamu. e) To support economic empowerment of women. f) To promote and advocate for Gender and Human rights.

Our Activities

Through Save Lamu we have been able to receive funds to empower women in ensuring that women are also are also in the forefront in advocating for their environmental/natural resource rights. Through the support of our partners such as Global Green Grants Fund (GGF), Urgent Action Fund-Africa, Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action (GAGGA) and Womin, we are able to do women empowerment programs such as training on advocacy, women rights, gender based violence, political rights as well as awareness creation sessions. We also partner with Lamu women groups such as Sauti ya Wanawake, Save Lamu, Lamu Women for Change, Sisters for Change, Lamu Women Digital, Save Lamu Women Movement

Our Partners
Global Green Grants Fund
Urgent Action Fund-Africa
Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action


Raya Famau

Executive Director

Khadija Abdilahi

Vice Chair Person

Khadija Shekuwe


Alwiya Ahmed


Fatma Hassan


Kauthar Famau

Board Member

Khadija Juma

Board Member

Khadija Said Ali

Board Member

Fardia Feiswal

Finance Officer

Jacinta Omuyoma

Programmes Officer


Ahmed Famau

Field Officer

Nasra Mohamed

Field Officer